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We specialize in playing music at wedding ceremonies and receptions. Our primary responsibility is to create an enjoyable atmosphere and ensure that guests have a great time dancing and celebrating with you!

We offer a range of services, including:

  1. Consultation: Before the wedding day, the DJ will usually have a consultation with the couple to discuss their music preferences and any specific requests they may have.

  2. Music selection: Based on the couple's preferences, the DJ will select appropriate music to play during the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. They will also be prepared to play any requested songs, from the couple or guests.

  3. Sound system: A wedding DJ will usually provide their own sound system, including speakers, microphones, and other equipment needed to produce high-quality sound.

  4. MC services: In addition to playing music, the DJ may also serve as the master of ceremonies, making announcements and guiding guests through the wedding reception.

  5. Lighting and special effects: Some wedding DJs offer lighting and special effects services, such as uplighting, monogram lighting, and fog machines, to enhance the ambiance of the reception.

  6. Backup equipment: To ensure that the music keeps playing smoothly, wedding DJs usually bring backup equipment, such as extra speakers and microphones.

Overall, wedding DJ services provide an essential role in creating a memorable and enjoyable wedding reception. A professional and experienced wedding DJ can help ensure that guests have a great time, dancing and celebrating with the happy couple. This is what our services entail!


This is the moment where you walk down the aisle, say your vows, and have a sincere and intimate moment with the love of your life! Moments like these are critical and we're sure it is important for you to have the adequate audio so people can hear your officiant speak, the right music selections, and the perfect recessional song (song as you are walking out of the aisle)!



Cocktail hour is usually the first hour of a wedding reception. This is the time that people are first coming to the venue, meanwhile small trays are being passed, and music is playing in the background. It's such a crucial moment of the event, it is important that the music is at a low volume, to make sure people can hold a conversation. This is also where a lot of the reception prep happens as well. During the cocktail hour, DJ Elio will verify a lot of the reception details to make sure everything is correct for the next part of the event.


This is the big energetic moment where everyone has finally made it to their seats and the wedding party is lined up, ready to get introduced into the reception area, filled with cheers and happiness. This will be the second moment, you will be introduced as a unified couple! DJ Elio hypes up the crowd to make sure this is a moment you will never forget!



Now it is time to finally share in your first dance as a unified couple! The first dance can happen before or after dinner. A lot of these aspects of weddings are changeable, the most important aspect is that it is following your vision that you have for your special day. That is why we will plan all of this, if you do decide to hire DJ Elio for your event!


Now is the time to relax, get a glass of water, eat food. Visit tables, or we can even play the Group Photos in One Song Game made famous on Tik Tok.

Festive Dinner


Now is the time to make the memories! Whether you're looking for a lowkey DJ or a DJ who will throw an epic party! The dance floor is where a DJ shines! This is what you hire us for!! We play all the must plays, take requests, mix music creatively, be nice people, and overall just try to be an outstanding representation of you through the music and microphone interaction we do! This is my favorite time during an event too!

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