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Hi there, welcome to my page. I am Elio Nallbani, a Wedding Entertainment professional. I own DJ Elio Entertainment. Over the past 8 years, I have been developing my skills as a DJ. Everyone at some point has seen a DJ perform, and has gathered some type of opinion of their performance. I remember the first time I witnessed someone truly DJ. It was one of my close friends that I grew up with. All I could remember was how amazing he was at the craft and how much skill it took to keep us all dancing!

A DJ is one of the most important people at any event. People have 5 senses: seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, and hearing. Being the person who has to curate this level of sound entertainment that, one, has to be like a ninja with the selection of music, but two, like a wave in the ocean, providing some sort of flow between the sounds, is truly remarkable. I realized at this moment, eons ago, that DJing is what I wanted to do! Ever since then I have been helping couples create the vision they have for their ceremonies, cocktail, dinner, and dancing moments for one of the most important days of their lives!

If you do decide to book with us for your wedding, we set two planning meetings before the wedding date. I offer a completely customized planning system that we sit through and complete. The planning system is based off what level of service you book from us.

The services we provide are:

  1. DJ and MC services:This includes everything you would need for your wedding reception! Microphones for toast, great quality speaker systems, professional mixing equipment. This service is customizable because as a DJ, we can be the type of DJ that keeps the party rocking during the appropriate dance floor sets and during dinner keep a very laid back mood. Through all of my experience, I've mastered the art of being like play dough. I can mold into whatever shape and play any variety of music. I personally love being an energetic and fun DJ, who uses his mixing skills and speaking abilities to hype of the crowd and dance floor!

  2. Ceremony Audio: This service is for weddings that need assistance with audio for the ceremony. Audio includes speakers to play the processional and recessional music, microphones for the officiant and groom. This will all be planned out through the 2 meetings we will have.

  3. Uplighting: One of my favorite services to provide! Uplighting is great to create a unique atmosphere in your venue, and especially in tented weddings. I bring 30 uplights with me to every wedding and with these lights, I usually keep them on one color through the cocktail and dinner portions of the night. They I have the DMX'd (DMX is a form of wirelessly connecting lights to a software that can create different patterns and colors with every attached light) which lets me create the perfect dance floor experience!

  4. Dance Floor Lighting: With dance floor lighting, it is essentially the same as the uplights, except the angle at which the lights are presented are towards the dance floor, so the packed dance floor can get the club/party experience!

It is my goal to help as many couples as I can have exactly what they are looking for/need for their reception. I value myself on the level of experience I can provide. Let's plan our celebration today! Check our availability below!

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